Greetings my little flowers. The new episode of GYT is in the works, but it’s been one hell of an adventure. Let me just gloss over it.

We recorded Tuesday night and I put the audio onto my laptop. Wednesday I spent the day on the Navajo reservation rescuing homeless pets (details to come!). On Thursday, the audio server we use was down and I couldn’t get anything uploaded. Friday-Sunday was spent judging a drag show, emceeing the pride parade, doing some reptile shows, becoming a puppy foster parent, and looking all over for my GODDAMN keys which were discovered, as if by some strange black magic, by a bush in the back yard.

I then went to edit on Sunday only to discover that only HALF the audio actually made it on to the server. How does this happen? I’m guessing there are powers outside our control that are hell bent on keeping this episode from getting onto the internet.

That being said, I’m going to try retrieving the original audio file from the studio tonight. Until then, here’s the first half of our new episode: SHA Tattoos. Thank you for your patience!

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