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14502858_1150801924975862_1629030616070257469_nJessie the Therapist
Jessie Shepherd (Better known as Jessie the Therapist) is a licensed clinical mental health counselor in Salt Lake City. She specializes in PTSD and Eating Disorders. She worked as an EMT in the Salt Lake area for 7 years. Her experiences on the rig drove her into a career where she gets to help people manage the emotional stress that comes with trauma. You can find more of Jessie’s amazing work at her website.
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Jackson CarterIMG_5573
Jackson Carter is a radio Dj for Mix 105.1 Utah, a reptile handler, and all-around clown. He grew up VERY white on a Native American reservation in Eastern Utah where he first experienced bullying because of his race. As with most red blooded Americans, he turned to food as a coping mechanism, gaining weight rapidly (which didn’t help the bullying). He came out as gay at age 14 in conservative Davis county, Utah (seriously? As if the school kids didn’t have enough to grasp at?)  At 21 years old and 328 lbs, he was a contestant on NBC’s The Biggest Loser where he lost 138 lbs. Through his experiences  with bullying and trying to keep the weight off, Jackson has developed many coping mechanisms to navigate the world around him. Also, 90% of his heroes are older ladies including, but not limited to: Judge Judy, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late Carrie Fisher, the entire cast of The Golden Girls and Meryl Streep (he named his car Meryl Street).
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